What to get mom and dad as a thank you for the wedding!?!

Traditionally, mom is given a handkerchief or piece of jewelry as a keep sake. Dad is given a watch or money clip. As couples are trying to personalize gifts to each of the individuals helping with either financial contributions or just a simple thank you for everything leading up to the wedding, here are a few great alternatives.

Small plants or trees are extremely popular gifts to give parents because it is a little life that will grow up just like the bride and groom....AWWW! Personalized keepsake boxes, cutting boards, photo frames or glassware also make great gifts that will be cherished. 

have you considered a moon gate for your wedding?

The history of the moon gate, or circular archway dates to wealthy Chinese families but made their way into Bermuda's architectural designs in the late 19th century. The Chinese preferred to keep theirs built into the wall where Bermuda's usually are freestanding and a closer elation to the kind we use for todays weddings. 


Circular moongate/rings makes a gorgeous backdrop! The full circle can be decorated with a lot of greenery and flowers. The moongate can be used as a backdrop for your wedding ceremony, a backdrop to your top table, dessert table or used behind the bar or statement area at your venue.