A Dog Day Afternoon

My Life of Riley

Hi, I’m Riley Davis*** and I’m a Wedding Coordinator.  Did that sound a little 12-step ish? I have a few things to get off my chest.  My friends tease me all the time.  They say I’m living the ‘Life of Riley’, after all what could be bad… I own my business and my days are spent at the most luxurious resorts sharing a couple’s happiest moments.  I get paid to attend to their weddings.  What could go wrong?

I got a call from the mother of a bride, she was planning the entire wedding for her Melissa and she wanted the day to be perfect.  I was on the preferred vendor list for The Ritz Carlton and she needed me to make sure all the details were done just so for her Melissa.  


The bride will be wearing Vera Wang, the wedding party pale pink.  The linens in a light tan, the flowers Camellias (thankfully).  She knew the photographer, the videographer, the music, the invitations and she wanted me to help with all the arrangements.  

How did Melissa feel about all of these arrangements, I wondered.  The mother of the bride assured me they had looked over everything and Melissa was just as excited as she was.  In fact, she would be home any minute, Melissa had spent the afternoon at her stylist.  The father of the bride was picking her up.


We were having tea when in walks a gentleman with a beautiful standard poodle.  The mother of the bride jumps up happily, “Oh good, Melissa is here.”  I look past the dog expecting her daughter to walk in… and then it hits me.  Good thing I carry doggy treats in my purse… this is my “Life of Riley”

© 2015 Cortney Clifford and Jennifer Levine
** Riley Davis is a fictional character written by Jennifer Levine and inspired by Cortney Clifford over copious amounts of coffee and a great deal of laughter.  These stories are motivated by “What could go wrong”; any resemblance to actual events are purely coincidental.  (and OMG we are SO SO sorry!)