My Mary Poppins Bag

My Life of Riley
Hi, I’m Riley Davis*** and I’m a Wedding Coordinator.  Did that sound a little 12-step ish? I have a few things to get off my chest.  My friends tease me all the time.  They say I’m living the ‘Life of Riley’, after all what could be bad… I own my business and my days are spent at the most luxurious resorts sharing a couple’s happiest moments.  I get paid to attend to their weddings.  What could go wrong?

I’m a big purse person.  In fact, in some third world countries it would probably qualify as a duffel bag but in my line of work you really need to carry some weird things with you for just that occasion.  


My friends don’t really understand what I do and so they are astounded when I whip out double-sided Velcro or my Swiss Army Knife at just the right time to make repairs to our daily lives.  I have every kind of pin imaginable so when one of the guys got a bad splinter, I whipped it out with a straight pin.  And of course I’m going to carry a small sewing kit.  But those are the obvious things, at least obvious to me.


I get teased quite a bit and occasionally the moniker ‘Mary Poppins’ gets tossed around.  But I got them good the other day.  We were on the beach and a friend was pouring Margaritas from a thermos into red plastic cups.  With a smirk, I casually remarked about the need for limes, which of course everyone readily agreed.  “I wonder…” and I made this big pretense of digging through my purse.


Out popped 2 limes, a small wooden cutting board and a knife.  A stunned moment of silence followed by copious laughter.  It’s all in how you play it.  Little did they know my bride earlier in the day had a margarita party, I’ll keep that one to myself… This is my “Life of Riley.”

© 2015 Cortney Clifford and Jennifer Levine
** Riley Davis is a fictional character written by Jennifer Levine and inspired by Cortney Clifford over copious amounts of coffee and a great deal of laughter.  These stories are motivated by “What could go wrong”; any resemblance to actual events are purely coincidental.  (and OMG we are SO SO sorry!)