This Is Not Going To End Well

My Life of Riley
Hi, I’m Riley Davis*** and I’m a Wedding Coordinator.  Did that sound a little 12-step ish? I have a few things to get off my chest.  My friends tease me all the time.  They say I’m living the ‘Life of Riley’, after all what could be bad… I own my business and my days are spent at the most luxurious resorts sharing a couple’s happiest moments.  I get paid to attend to their weddings.  What could go wrong?


A rehearsal is fairly straight forward.  I liken it blocking scenes in a play.  Once all the players understand their roles and positions you move on to a great celebratory dinner.  Except this past weekend we may as well have been in Verona with the blood-thirsty Capulet’s and Montague’s.

I have never seen two families behave so badly on so many levels.  The glares started at the rehearsal; the arguing began at the dinner.  The parents ended up in a screaming match, even the siblings and cousins got into the fray.  Alcohol didn’t help the situation.

From what I could tell, the bad blood stemmed from a prior business dealing where one family stiffed the other family out of a significant amount of money.  But this was when the kids were very young and our “Romeo” and “Juliet” did not seem aware of the depth of the hatred.

My Bride ran from the room when her father tossed a wine bottle in the direction of her soon to be husband’s father.  It was hard to tell what happened next because the restaurant manager called the police.

Very early in the morning, after a sleepless night, I got a text message from my couple, they had driven to Las Vegas and were now married.  Would I let everyone know, thanks.  I can’t say I thought their impulse was a bad idea. 

I had the caterer donate the meal to a homeless shelter; the cake was cut and plated for the guests to take with them along with a note thanking them for their time.  It was awkward at best and a few tempers flared.  Sadly, I can’t imagine how this is going to end well for the love birds… this is my “Life of Riley.”


© 2015 Cortney Clifford and Jennifer Levine
** Riley Davis is a fictional character written by Jennifer Levine and inspired by Cortney Clifford over copious amounts of coffee and a great deal of laughter.  These stories are motivated by “What could go wrong”; any resemblance to actual events are purely coincidental.  (and OMG we are SO SO sorry!)