Once A Risk Taker…


My Life of Riley
Hi, I’m Riley Davis*** and I’m a Wedding Coordinator.  Did that sound a little 12-step ish? I have a few things to get off my chest.  My friends tease me all the time.  They say I’m living the ‘Life of Riley’, after all what could be bad… I own my business and my days are spent at the most luxurious resorts sharing a couple’s happiest moments.  I get paid to attend to their weddings.  What could go wrong?

“I really think what you want is a Proposal event plan not a Wedding Ceremony,” I said to The Groom when I realized he had not asked his girlfriend to marry him yet.  I don’t often work with men directly and it was possible he misunderstood the terminology. 

He was adamant, he wanted to propose and when his bride to be said yes, he wanted to sweep her off her feet and have the wedding take place immediately. 

In the six months we have been planning this event, I honestly can’t decide if this is the most romantic gesture or the dumbest thing I have ever heard.  He confided to me he is nervous as they have not discussed marriage even once in their year-long relationship.  This could go bad, or very very good. 

Because it is a secret, I have not met the bride.  I have snuck into her closet to figure out what size she is and get an idea of her style to help him pick out a wedding dress.  I felt like a stalker.

Finally, the big day arrives and honestly I’m more nervous than the groom is… he seems almost relaxed and happy.  The guests are hidden in place, the time-table has begun and The Groom is on bended knee with a videographer and photographer carefully capturing the moment from their hidden locations.  (I can’t breathe.)  She said yes!

When I whisked her away to a suite of room to get ready, explaining to her that her parents and friends were gathered and waiting… she glowed with happiness.  This is one of those moments which will live with me forever and precisely why I do what I do.  I have been filled with joy for weeks… This is my “Life of Riley”


© 2015 Cortney Clifford and Jennifer Levine
** Riley Davis is a fictional character written by Jennifer Levine and inspired by Cortney Clifford over copious amounts of coffee and a great deal of laughter.  These stories are motivated by “What could go wrong”; any resemblance to actual events are purely coincidental.  (and OMG we are SO SO sorry!)