Falling for our team!

It's that time of year again when families, even work families, dress up and make their way into parks and beaches for their annual photos. 

As wedding planners, we are never the ones in front of the camera, but rather behind the photographer making sure all the brides jewelry is in place, hair is perfectly curled and lip gloss is on point. Starting a day off with hair and make up was one thing but we realized it was definitely out of character to switch places and see what it's like to smile for 3 hours straight. Thanks to Jessie Schultz and her team of kid wonders, we are were able to smile our way through and actually had, dare we say... fun! 

Check out our About Us Section to learn a little more about each of our team members, even our fluffy one. 

Hair: Brianna Brockman

Photography: Jessie Schultz Photography