Wedding Pie

Tradition is something that is passed down for generations. Cake is what is usually always served at a wedding which dates back to Ancient Rome where bread was broken over the brides mead to being good luck and fertility to the couple. It's even said that the more crumbs that fell from the bread the more children they would have. Let's just be glad were not cutting the cake over the brides head now a days. 

Like all traditions things change based on a couple or individuals preferences or likes. With fall quickly approaching, a favorite new traditions is Wedding Pie. More common in the Southern United States but now making its way into California, wedding pie allows for the couples to choose from a variety of flavors but also designs. 

Pie sizing also creates a variety of options for your guests. Our clients have chosen anywhere from pie pops, individual servings, pie in a jar, or traditional large pies that can be served to each table or in a pie bar. 

Just a few thoughts on one of our favorite sweet treats.