A Casa Romantica Wedding for Adrianna & Nick

Adrianna and Nick, a Military couple who had not seen each other in months, reunited when Nick graduated Marine Boot Camp two short days before they were set to wed. The two fell in love in the beach city of San Clemente and had many firsts there, so it was only fitting that they said "I do!" in the city where it all began.

How He Proposed: On their one year anniversary, Nick had drawn out a map with all of the places that meant something to them, telling her that every year they would add a new destination to the map. They visited and took pictures at each spot on the map and had ventured to a new restaurant at the end of the day. Nick asked the waiter to take a picture of the couple and when Adrianna went to stand up, Nick said, "You don't need to stand up for this one." He then nervously got down on one knee and proposed to her. Adrianna cried so many happy tears she couldn't even say yes, but the kiss sealed the deal for the now engaged couple.

The wedding day was full of emotions on both ends. Being that Nick had been gone for almost 6 months, both Adrianna and Nick couldn't hold back tears at the altar. Adrianna added that "the whole entire time, I just saw him. It was like tunnel vision." The couple was surrounded by everyone they loved on a beautiful, special day in May. The evening consisted of a lot of Tequila, Mexican food, and love, and ended with good music and a full dance floor.